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Binny Varghese

"JSHM taught me the basics which helped me excel in every corner of the world that I went to. During our college days we spent almost 12 hours or more at the college especially during practical sessions, so you love it or hate it! I am still in the industry doing what I am good at, because of the time spent at the college doing what I loved. I believe education is something you instill deep within, something I am habituated to live with (thanks to my professors at JSHM and César Ritz Switzerland) and continue to do the same when I train the team, which works with me. Wherever I am today a lot of the credit goes to JSHM and César Ritz.
Brewberrys -the Coffee bar
Head of Operations

Anmol Kaur Sawhney

"I come from a family of hospitality entrepreneurs and Hospitality is in my blood. Hence I was looking for an institution that could help me develop a career in the hotel industry. Jindal School of Hotel Management is the right choice because it prepared me to get into the workforce with great knowledge and the ability to enter into leadership roles. Currently I am heading the marketing and communications department for an international chain. Despite my young age I lead my team with confidence for which I give all the gratitude to my teachers in the program. They ensured that every aspect of the learning module was taught with great zeal and enthusiasm. At JSHM they not only take students, they make careers".
Courtyard by Marriott Bhopal
Asst Manager Marketing & Communications

Kirti Laungani

Before enrolling in JSHM, I did my own research on various Hospitality Management Schools, before I zeroed in on JSHM! The reason was pretty simple, that Jindal offered the best course for Hotel Management in Gujarat. It had an edge over others due to its association with SEG which gives JSHM students an international as well as national level exposure. My experience at JSHM was very enriching. It helped me to groom myself to fit into the sophistication of the Hospitality industry and more importantly to make an identity of my own! One thing about JSHM which I found very fascinating from day one is its simulation studies/subjects, which helps the student in understanding the operations of this field in depth. At JSHM, a person does not necessarily have to be a scholar in studies because the curriculum, way of teaching and environment provided by the Faculty is such that it turns any student into a shining star! This is what I have felt and experienced so far. I would definitely recommend JSHM to any aspiring student out there, looking for a career in the field of Hospitality because JSHM helps in the overall growth & development of a person and helps in making a successful career in the field of Hospitality!
Grand Mercure Vadodara Surya Palace
Sales Executive

Krushika Mehta

Jindal School is so much more than just a good college for Hotel management. It focuses on not just the subjects to study but as well on your personal development as a person. The activities such as presentations, online assessments, practical’s of restaurant service, Housekeeping and culinary taught in depth. Isn’t it great when you are given the choice to go to a city you like for your placements & internships? And that is what Jindal School gave. For me it was a great decision to study at the Jindal School of Hotel Management and I definitely would recommend it to students who wish to grow in their career and be successful.
The St Regis Dubai
F&B Coordinator

Vikash Choudhary

I would like to thank the Principal, Academic head, and all the faculty members at Jindal School of Hotel Management for making me realize my passion for Wine and Beverages and nurturing my interest into a talent. Today, I stand tall being crowned as the Regional Bartender of the Year -2014 for South India by Bacardi India Limited and working for the best luxury brands in world. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance I received at JSHM.
Mandarin Oriental Macau

Ankita Chavan

In JSHM I had the Best time of my life! I would like to thank JSHM faculty members for teaching me the best curriculum and making me learn and enjoy every bit of it! Today because of that solid foundation I am doing well professionally and am following my heart working in the Culinary arts!
Gaa, Bangkok

Hiraj Patel

Jshm is the only institute where I experienced pure hospitality culture on my first visit to the institute. Interviews with the faculty members made me quite sure about the professionalism and knowledge the Faculty possessed. This helped me decide to pursue the course and the results I got was outstanding. Not only in Academics but JSHM has transformed my over all personality. The respect one student gets from the faculty is where the student understands to give that same respect to the educator. That was the best part of soft spoken people around the institute. If you are looking for the perfect environment to experience Hospitality and learn about the industry from knowledgeable educators who already are also working in the industry JSHM is the perfect place.
Hospitality Entrepreneur

Jaival Parikh

I can positively say Jindal School of Hotel Management has made me a better person. The moment I started searching about hotel management institutes JSHM struck me as different from the rest. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my life and discover more about myself. The thing I admire the most about JSHM is the support I received from everyone at the school. I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have achieved without that caring environment along with practical exposure. The faculty makes sure that each class is fun, educative and interactive. JSHM gives great opportunity to its students to broaden their knowledge beyond their immediate field of studies within a multicultural environment.
Gourmet Food Made with Love

Mahesh Gadhvi

When I joined JSHM, I was completely unaware about the world of hospitality. Initially at JSHM it was all a mystery for me, I was not even aware of small things like pointing out 5 brand names of hotels or how to eat with so many forks & knifes. I was amazed with my fellow students who joined JSHM with so much of enthusiasm and energy. All of these things happened around me, and gave me an impression that "maybe I am going to fail!” It’s like I had a culture shock in my own country. I joined JSHM with faith & a dream of becoming a great traveller. Today I can happily say that I have travelled, worked & lived in 6 most important countries around the world. And worked with some of the biggest brands of hotels and winning best employee awards. For this I thank JSHM which taught me the skills with which I am achieving my dreams.
Marriott Hotel USA

Mayank Shaktawat

I would recommend JSHM to people because........ JSHM has been a place where I found a unique blend of excellence and commitment. Great faculty, wonderful ambiance to learn, and excellent facilities is how I describe JSHM. Great organizations always have a great leader, and JSHM has been blessed with the leadership of prominent faculty, supported by a wonderful team. Those two years of my life were not just full of hard work, but they were undoubtedly full of such lessons and experiences which made me a better person day by day. I left my college with diverse personality enhancements and such intangible assets which are now a part of my attitude. I thank JSHM for helping me to recognize my potential." Now I am working as a General Manger but without JSHM I can't expect this role and designation in my life. Thank you very much Prachi madam and all my faculty.
GM Rio Colina

Prashant L Ahirrao

For an excellent international career, it is essential that one remains deeply grounded. My education at the Jindal School of Hotel Management helped me broaden my perspective and more importantly improve my global career prospects. The faculty at JSHM taught me to plan ahead, work systematically and keep myself up-to-date on issues related to this highly diverse and competitive field. I thank JSHM for guiding and encouraging me to become what I am today.
Grand Hyatt Dubai

Nitin Mehndiratta

I chose JSHM because …. They provide international standards of hospitality study in budget fees. The things I most liked was the teaching methods and the atmosphere of the college. I found the experience of studying very nice cause the lecturers gave you their full attention. I would recommend JSHM to people because of the excellent study atmosphere and well experienced lecturers.
Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa

Utkarsh Parekh

I had Chosen JSHM firstly because it was recommended to me by someone I know; and the second reason was its affiliation with an international institute. I then visited the college to check-out its campus and the education system they use. The result after joining JSHM was more than what I had expected. Apart from the field knowledge (Both Theory and Practical) I had learnt many more things like keeping a calm nature, polite behaviour etc. The foremost thing I like about JSHM was the faculty behaviour and care towards the student. Their frequent reminders about reports and on-going assessments, their care over weak students and many more parental like behaviour. The experience at JSHM was quite amazing and will always be a memorable phase of my life. JSHM is recommended to people because of its environment, its unique curriculum, teaching style and it’s amazing faculty.

Pratham Patel

JSHM has been a great learning environment for me. The small class sizes and hands-on opportunities it offered have helped to further my passion for hospitality. In-class learning and practices on site were an eye-opening experience thanks to the enthusiastic teachers and their intimate knowledge of the International hotel industry. The amount of extracurricular activities offered to students is endless.

Dishang Thakkar

I chose JSHM because when I attended the admission counseling session on the course, I was convinced. It is the best you can get in management studies in hospitality. The best practical courses and you can get to know your actual performance in real world. Very friendly team of faculty and also guidance about your future which is the best part that you get help in interviews till you are at the door step of any hospitality company. About studies I would say that it’s a totally different way of teaching, on screen. Yes the more you visualise the more you learn and remember. All I will say is it’s a full package that meets all your hospitality study needs. I get help from the faculty till date even 2 years after my graduation. I have developed my personality, speaking, behaving and much other terms which are helping me in my business a lot. I possess skills which help me in my business a lot and save my money too. I would recommend JSHM to people because of 3 things 1- A very good faculty team 2- The best atmosphere for studies 3- 60-70% of practical knowledge and sessions which helps you learn better.
Hospitality Entrepreneur

Rishi Mandalia

Hello I’m Rishi Mandalia, and I started my hotel studies with the Jindal School of Hotel Management in 2012 at which point I had no idea about where I was heading. The day I took a tour of the school for admission I realized how well established the school was to teach me about Hospitality. And I wasn’t wrong about what I thought that day. The well-educated and well informed faculty is always there to help you in learning everything about Hospitality. And it’s not a place where you get only bookish and theoretical knowledge, it’s very well structured curriculum teaching practical knowledge too that you need to become a Hospitality person. The most important thing is that, they make you learn is how to groom yourself for the world; to stand out as a strong candidate. When I graduated in 2015 it made me realize how important it is to learn hospitality not only as a career but as a day to day routine as well. It’s like the saying “Well begun is half done” and I am proud that my beginning for a career in hospitality was from Jindal School of Hotel Management.
Masters Student

Dishan Das

I chose JSHM because …. It was the best educational facility which was giving the best result and the ultimate exposure in this industry. The result was …. Simply fantastic! I got the best kick start to my career through JSHM. The teaching imparted to us was great, which made us better professionals even before we started working. One thing I most liked was …. There cannot be just one that that I liked the most because there were lots and lots of them. But just to name one, I would say it were the practical sessions. I found the experience …. Simply awesome! I would recommend JSHM to people because …. If you want to be the best then you should choose the best and the best is JSHM.
The Eastin

Ram Shitole

I wanted to do a course that’s not just career oriented but also allows me to enjoy while I learn – JSHM gave me just that. I discovered the perfect avenue where I could explore my potential and have some fun as well!
LVP Banquets

Mudra Shah Vora

What I liked most about JSHM was the close student-professor and student-student relationships. The Faculty at JSHM is ready to put in all their efforts in supporting students academically and personally to help them achieve their career goals.
BGP Healthcare PVT Ltd
HR & Admin Officer

The School of Hospitality

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