Scope of hotel management – Career Day visit by Bright Day School

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” (Confucius)

What is the scope of hotel management in India? What are the hotel management subjects? How is hotel management degree different from an International diploma in hotel management? – These are the common questions that ring in young minds who are contemplating a future in the hospitality industry.

Today to be able to do what you love and make a career out of it is the new generation’s thinking.  In pursuit of the right career, the students of Bright Day School along with their counselor visited the Jindal School of Hotel Management for awareness of hospitality management degree courses.

The students were of class 10th and 11th.    This is a very crucial phase in their lives where a student starts thinking of what career he/she would like to pursue in future.  The Career Day started with a Presentation.

Welcome and Presentation

Mr. Srinath Achar our principal welcomed the students and gave them insights in the hospitality industry and career in hotels.  The important points covered were

The students garnered a lot of knowledge though Mr. Achar’s experience in this field and were given a lot of encouragement to ask questions.  The students were inquisitive enough and asked a range of questions. The questions included higher study options and gender bias in the Hospitality industry. 

Property tour –Fields in Hotel Management

Mr. Vikram Rajput our Manager; Student Services showed the students around and made them aware of all the different fields of hotel management.

The Cocktail Experience

Hospitality career calls for a lot of creativity and Mr. Robbie Mathews our academic head and also the Food & Beverage Expert of JSHM gave students an opportunity to perform and prepare cocktails.  He first demonstrated them and later on the students prepared two cocktails namely Cinderella and Virgin Mojito.  The students had a lot of fun time making cocktails.  They obviously had a lot of questions for Mr. Mathews.The Culinary Journey

The hospitality journey does not end without food element.  Our chef in charge Chef Sunil Bhardwaj interacted with students and spoke to them about being a chef; which is slowly becoming a very respectable career.  Chef Sunil spoke to students about the challenges of being a chef and what it takes to be a successful chef like what they see on TV these days.  The students were given a chance to bake their own pizza for a starter.

The students went back with a clear understanding of the scope of Hotel Management in India, and how they could get ready to be a part of this ever Growing Hospitality Industry.